Talking About Restaurant Equipment and TechniquesTalking About Restaurant Equipment and Techniques

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Talking About Restaurant Equipment and Techniques

Hi there, I am Sal Kinders. I am going to use this site to talk about cooking techniques and tools used in restaurants. Chefs at large and small restaurants cannot use the same techniques and tools used to cook at home. Instead, the equipment allows chefs to mass produce meals to serve an entire restaurant full of people quickly and efficiently. The equipment also ensures each plate mimics the next to keep the product uniform. Restaurant customers expect their meals to taste, smell and look the same each visit. My site will explore these techniques and tools in great detail. Thanks for visiting.

Make Planning Your Destination Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Easier

A great wedding rehearsal dinner is the perfect start to your nuptials. But when you're planning a destination wedding, the rehearsal dinner can be one of the more complicated parts of any wedding to put on.  How can you make your destination wedding rehearsal dinner a success with less stress? Here are a few easy tips for any budget. Opt for a Restaurant. One of the big drawbacks for planning in a destination location is that you may not know the area very well. Read More 

Yes, You Can Eat Pizza

Pizza is very popular food throughout the world. While some people may think of it as a snack food, it actually provides nutrients from different food groups. Also, it does not contain a lot of sugars, nor is it fried. This means it is actually a good option for a meal. In addition, pizza is very versatile. It can be made to fit anyone's taste preferences or adapted to fit any dietary restrictions. Read More 

Italian Catering For Different Dietary Restrictions

Pasta, pizza, meat and other rich sauces, and cheese are all part of Italian cuisine. While this type of food is very popular, it can also be problematic for people with different dietary restrictions. Having an event catered with Italian food means you need to consider the people who will be attending the event. If it is a public affair, it is a good idea to consider the more common dietary restrictions such as lactose intolerance, diabetes, vegetarianism, and glucose intolerance. Read More 

3 Reasons To Start Offering Milkshakes At Your Restaurant

Are you looking to switch things up at your local restaurant? If you've been thinking about adding something new and exciting to the menu but aren't sure what type of food to go with, perhaps the answer isn't to add any kind of food at all but instead a new beverage option. Here are three reasons why your restaurant should invest in a set of milkshake machines. An American Classic Read More 

Start Your Day Off The Right Way With Breakfast At A Healthy Restaurant

Many health experts profess that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but this is often a message that gets lost on the countless busy people who skip this meal or opt for something unhealthy. If you dash out of the house without eating, but grab a fast-food breakfast sandwich or something comparable on your way to work, you may notice two things by the middle of the morning — you're tired or sluggish, and you feel hungry. Read More